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Hijack Overdrive is an action packed Side-Scroller where you have to steal the enemies vehicles mid-combat to fight back!
It’s a combination of Platformer, Shootemup, and a bit of TowerDefense!

With an ever-changing fleet, made of vehicles you have to acquire yourself, you alone face off against an evil army of invading bad guys and monsters!

The game is currently in development.

This is an early demo that focuses on the core gameplay.
As such, a lot of features and content is absent.

Aside from a lot more levels (and monsters and vehicles), the full game will also have:
- a story
- boss-fights
- various level objectives
- a garage:
   - all hijacked vehicles that survive a level will be added there
   - vehicles in your garage can be used in missions, often optional, but sometimes necessary
   - every vehicle type has it's own unique challenge mission (Try to collect them all!)

for more info as the game develops, follow me on twitter @HijackOverdrive


HijackOverdriveExtendedDemo.zip 206 MB

Install instructions

Unzip on your local drive and run Hijack.exe

Development log


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Wow excellent game! I really love that power charge jump a lot! Very nice game



Thanks for this game and for Tacx scenes, they helped me to bear this lockdown while cycling at home!

Out of curiosity, what worlds did you ride in the Tacx trainer software?
and how did you find out I made them? :D