A downloadable game for Windows

I don't have time explain, I need to upload before the deadline!

while I'm waiting for itch to be back, I can write this:

The game is a sequence of dice battles.
There is a lot of luck involved (obviously), but also some strategy.
You play against the computer by taking turns rolling your own dice. Some dice have passive abilities that allow for some more strategy.

Goal: Defeat your opponent by gettings his HP to 0

- Take turns rolling your die. Player that won last turn starts.

- Highest number wins and deals that value as damage to the other.

- Color indicates elemental type: normal, fire, grass, water, electric, ground or ice. Type advantage doubles that value.

- You can skip a turn, this will make your next roll double in value. Skipping again will cause it to triple, etc.


Build.rar 15 MB

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