My entry in the Ludum Dare 48 game jam (theme: "deeper and deeper")

Enter the Golfeon is a minigolf game where you explore the depths beneath the golf course.

Best played in fullscreen. (click on the little blue button to the bottom-right of the game -screen)
Press Escape to exit full-screen and to show the Mouse Cursor.
Click anywhere in the screen to hide the cursor again. (or just reenter fullscreen)


Move the Mouse to rotate the camera.

Hold the Left Mouse Button to charge,
and release to strike the ball forward.

Press the Right Mouse Button to cancel charging.

Press Space to restart from last checkpoint.

Reach the holes in 10 strikes or less.

You can hit the ball while it's moving! (can be very useful)


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6/7 treasures :)

Nice! Now I'm curious to know which one you missed :D


so please tell me, which ones did you find? :D


I agree to


That was fun :D


Yeah, I agree)